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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 26, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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i'm tracking showers just light rain showers on the doppler radar. you see light rain moving towards atlantic city. cape may has seen a few sprinkles but that first round is drying out. dover getting light rainfall. nothing heavy about this rain. but it is steadier now in the wilmington area, new castle county, newark, we'll see that, rain fall to start with. then get a break. reading is just cloudy. good news is everybody is above freezing. so we're only seeing rain move into the area. and it's now just starting to edge into the lehigh valley and upper lehigh county. it won't be rain fall all day. we actually get sunshine and another nice warmup before the colder air starts to move in. we'll do the forecast hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. first, let's see how the traffic is moving. francesca ruscio with an update. >> well, it's moving. so pretty good. we're watching 95, our camera at
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broad street. the northbound traffic, so far, we're doing pretty good. problem-free on the 90. i checked the schuylkill earlier. so far, we're doing pretty good. travel speeds still in the 60s. where it starts to get dicey, around the 8:00, where the if you bypass a few of these, alternate, 12th to sampson, a left on 16th. 12th street to chestnut avoid the market street closure between 11th and juniper. for pedestrian safety, keep this in mind. back to you. >> thanks, francesca. the international spotlight will be shining on the republican retreat in philadelphia today. that's where president donald trump will make his first appearance outside of washington since the inauguration. president trump is scheduled to meet with gop leaders at none. british prime minister theresa
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may will also be there. her face-to-face with the president will be the first with the foreign leader since becoming president. and the combination of road closures could mean for a tough commute in the city. we have live team coverage to show you what's happening and the impact on the area. we begin with nbc10's matt delucia, he's live outside of the loews hotel. >> reporter: we have seen the impact including police, they have their dogs scouring the area. and they have barricaded the fences sets up in this area. president trump will be arriving here at the loews hotel around noon to give his speech to house and senate gop lawmakers. this is all part of the annual policy retreat. the goal will be to lay out what they want to achieve and how they will go about doing it. big topics on the agenda. of course, health care, particularly the affordable care act that the gop said they want to repeal and replace that. they're also going to be talking about national security.
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it's going to be a full day of talks starting and 8:30 thirs morse. we have the president due to arrive here around noon. he'll be speaking to the folks here at this gop conference while they are having lunch. he should be arrived in philadelphia around 11:30 and deporting around 2:00-ish, you have that window where he will be in town. the vice president mike pence is doing a speech to the gop around 2:00 this afternoon. then you have the british prime minister, she will be speaking around 3:30. of course, a full day of events. we'll be following that for you. for now, we're live in center city, matt delucia, nbc10 news. meantime, protesters filled the street outside the hotel, ahead of the president's arrival. >> nbc10's katy zachry has the
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impact. >> reporter: a lot going on thousands of protesters expected to come out to this part of center city, really protests and rallies are scheduled for all day long. there is a message from city hall this morning. and that is all the protesters to be peaceful. now, we saw the first of the sizable protest late last night when members of the lgbtq community rallied outside of the loews hotel. that's where republicans are meeting for their policy retreat and where president trump will speak. we've learned the protest event, the first one scheduled for today begins at 9:00 a.m. and lasts through 4:00 p.m. security, as you may expect is tight. we're already seeing an increased number of philadelphia police officers in the area. and mass transit is affected as well. septa's 13th street station is closed to trolleys and subways. buses are being detoured. and jefferson station market street entrance is closed today. >> i think it's going to be really busy. there are all kinds of events
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planned. if you look on facebook, it's just one protest after another. there's a group of individuals, people, like, organizing. >> reporter: we have another important map, if you can see x'd out in the red, market street is closed to traffic, as well as parts of 12th street and 13th street, they are closed, too. highlighted in the yellow, those areas are off limits to anyone who's walking. nbc10 is going to stay on top of this and cover all of the angles of the developing story. for now, we're live in center city, katy zachry. the nbc10 app has a full list of road closures and changes to mass transit today. you can also count on the "first alert" traffic update on the air. 45 degrees outside. here are three other stories we're following today. the first involves your money. will it be another record-breaking day on wall street? the dow surged 155 points to
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close above 20,000 for the first time yesterday. stocks are higher following strong earning reports and president trump vowed to cut regulations for businesses. we're also following the investigation of the suv hit by a dumbbell on the new jersey turnpike earlier this month, the driver jesse carlo died tuesday night. investigators are trying to figure out where the dumbbell came from. and chaka fattah must surrender today. robert brand is spending 2 1/2 years in prison convicted of participating in a scheme to help fattah repay a campaign event. last year, a jury found him guilty of taking a $1 million loan and using government and nonprofit money to repay it. six minutes past 6:00 on this thursday. 45 degrees outside. enjoy this mild weather while it lasts because it's not going to
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be here forever. >> let's get you updated on that, our "first alert" meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast. bill? >> yeah, the dry weather won't be here awnilong either. 8th and market. it will be closed. and between now and noon, it's not going to be heavy rain. only light showers. i'm tracking showers right now. this afternoon, gusty winds will blow the clouds out. and another really mild day today. but winter is going to make a comeback. that's going to start to happen this evening. a chilly evening with wind blowing will feel like it in the 30s. right now, grab the umbrella. we had steady light rain in the wilmington area. light rainfall, just reaching the ground in will thimington c. and so far, that's not reaching the ground at center city, at the shore, that's where we're seeing steadier showers this
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morning. then, there's one more line of showers, this will clear out before lunchtime and this afternoon, it will be dry. hourby hour, futurecast shows 8:00 this morning, showers in philadelphia. heavier stuff is offshore. meantime, snow is way off to the west. that's colder air. we won't get the snow but colder air is moving in this evening. showers move out, this afternoon, we will see dry conditions. the forecast calling for rain drops this morning. by lunchtime, we're done. clouds will start to thin out. we've got sunshine at 54 degrees at 1:00. 54. that's nothing like your normal january, 50 degrees at 5:00. suburbs, 50 degrees for breaks of sunshine at 1:00. 5:00, the temperatures start coming down, 45 degrees. and a dry start right now, but rain showers will be moving into the lehigh valley this morning, out of here this afternoon. nice warmup, once the showers clear delaware, 54 degrees at 1:00. in new jersey, those rain showers will move out this
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afternoon, and you'll see the clouds blowing through the area, with gusty winds this afternoon. definitely feel that at the shore as well. bit of rain this morning. clouds will start this out this afternoon. end the day with sunshine at the shore. we'll see sunshine this weekend, too. but we're not going to see temperatures like this. i've got the weekend forecast when i'm back in ten. bill, thanks. 6:09. you're packing to get out the door. umbrella, sunglasses. we'll get you a check of the traffic including the schuylkill expressway. >> francesca ruscio starts us off. francesca. >> rosemary, tracy, we're noticing more volume on the schuylkill expressway. our camera is on montgomery drive. eastbound traffic. westbound is right over here. for the the most part, you can take a look at the travel on in the 50s and 60s. we're doing pretty good there. now, septa is urging its customers to take a look at its website for further
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updates. you do see that the 13th station will remain closed. patco and amtrak and new jersey transit doing pretty good. we're closed at 13th street and market street. we're seeing road closure 12th between chestnut and how can you get around them? that's key for pedestrian safety. take a look at this. alternate, 12th street to sam n sson street. and with this graphic over here for center city, more road closures are set in place. here's another one 12th street to chestnut to avoid market street between 11th and juniper. when i come back, i'll have more on the road closures and what this could mean in and out of center city. back to you. neighbors in montgomery county are dealing with the aftermath of a massive sinkhole that swallowed their front yard. >> problems go well beyond this giant hole. next, we're live on the scene where neighbors are still feeling the impact. plus, change is on the
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horizon. what could be coming to historic jewellers row.
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at 6:14, a live look at the "first alert" radar. tracking a few showers this morning. but bill said you'll need your sunglasses. your neighborhood forecast coming up. 24 hours after the earth opened up here in montgomery county, the problems are far from over. we announced a sinkhole yesterday, today, there's threat to neighbors. >> pam, the problem goes beyond the sinkhole? >> reporter: that's right, the water services have been restored but there is a boil water advisory that's in effect right now. i also want to show you something else that's going on. you can see a portion of brick road is closed. it will remain closed until further notice.
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it's a bit difficult to see on the ground in the dark, but take a look at this video from skyforce 10. you can get a better idea of just how big this sinkhole actually is. some people would even estimate it that it could be at least 20 feet deep. the homeowners were inside when the ground opened up. they made it out okay. aqua water telling us a six-inch cast iron main broke. as a result, more than 60 customers were without water for much of the day. now, they did restore water services but as i mentioned there is a boil water advisory. people i've talked to said they've never seen anything like this before. >> i'm in construction also. i've seen this happen before, but not to this magnitude. >> i got a lot of water because i'm not trusting the water here. no way. >> reporter: that boil water advisory is in effect until this weekend. aqua is expecting to lift the advisory perhaps saturday. but they want customers to wait until official word from them
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before they begin using the water without boiling it. as for the ground itself, we know that cement crews were here pumping that hole full of cement to stabilize the ground around it. so, no word on what's going to happen to those homes that are mostly impacted. reporting live in glenside, i'm pamela osborne. the order from president trump could impact $500 million in federal grants. mayor jim kenney is standing firm on his policy, saying it's up to the congress, not the ed to decide federal funding. >> he hasn't really specified what that money is, where it's coming from or how much it is. we can't really react anyway, until we know exactly what he's talking about. >> a sanctuary city protects undocumented immigrants by not prosecuting them by breaking federal immigration laws. mayor kenney did not plan a
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meeting with president trump during his philadelphia visit today but said he's willing to talk with him. new jersey governor chris christie has not endorsed his lieutenant governor to succeed him. he said kim guadagno could handle the job. guadagno announced her candidacy, recently, she broke with him on raising the gas tax. we're getting a glimpse of a plan to build a 29-story center at jewellers row. there are two proposals, both with condos and retail space. first a huge tower. the second is more modern with glass. neighbors fought against the new building and the demolition of the current structure at the site. the developer will present its plans to the city next month. as mentioned that sinkhole
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in montgomery county of course causing problems for neighbors and anybody who is traveling around the area. >> we've been following it since yesterday morning. francesca ruscio has more on that. >> tracy, rosemary, we did see pamela osborne on the scene at cheltenham. this report came in yesterday morning at 4:00. it's wreaking havoc. you can see station, church road, river road, looking pretty good as well. i marked it on my graphic. behind it is a road closure graphic. this indicates that everyone should be away from that area at all costs until further notice. 95 southbound, we have a disabled vehicle. people walking out and about on scene right now. you do see this person, his truck. and in front of it a disabled vehicle. how is this affecting traffic. from woodhaven to the vine southbound it's going to take
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you 19 minutes. travel speeds. >> narrator: 40s. when i come back, we'll take a look at the road closures in the next ten minutes. let's get you updated with the forecast, "first alert" meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast. bill? >> we've got rain showers in the area. too warm for anything. pitman at 45. 40s for lumberton and mt. laurel. and to the north, princeton in the upper 30s, but above freezing. showers will be around at the bus stop this morning. you'll see sunshine this morning. wilmington, philadelphia, south jersey and delaware, rainfall that is very light. it's going to be on the move. it's not going to be an all-day rain. but the steadiest rain is likely to be in south jersey. the rest of the area is very
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light rainfall. this is the next batch moving through williamsport and into the lehigh valley and also into the poconos. temperatures are above freezing in the pocono mountains. . rainfall totals won't be that impressive, 0.08 of an inch in philadelphia. look at avalon, could get close to half an inch of rain as the showers move out for the afternoon. we'll get sunshine this afternoon. a nice warmup but the temperature trend is a return to winter cold. 45 and breezy tomorrow. 45 is not too bad. but with the wind blowing it's going to feel colder. normal temperature, 40 degrees, just above that for saturday and sunday, below it on monday. tuesday, a little warmup but not much. we'll see sunshine, a few clouds. upper 30s for the suburbs and lehigh valley. low 40s for philadelphia, jersey shore and delaware.
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gets cold saturday night and 20s to start with on sunday. but with sunshine, we're back in the upper 30s and low 40s. 42 degrees with bright sunny skies at the jersey shore. 10 day on 10 coming up in the next half hour. 21 minutes past 6:00. new phone numbers are running outside of one part of new jersey. next, where a new area code could be. plus, a safer way to school. a school bus change that could slow down dangerous drivers. >> announcer: this portion of nbc10 news is sponsored by montgomeryville nissan.
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talk about a closent counter. this is in australia where a 10-year-old boy was surfing near a great white shark. the boy's father didn't notice the shark until later. fortunately, the boy was not hurt. there could soon be another area code in the region. the new jersey board is
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considering a request to add a new area code because numbers with 609 are running out. in trenton and ewing. staying in the garden, state lawmakers want to catch drivers who pass school buses. the senate has approved a bill to allow school buses to install cameras. many buses have cameras but inside, not outside. the bill goes to the assembly. good morning, everyone, francesca ruscio here. we're over in center city, watching the vine street expressway, our camera at 8th street. we're starting to see more volume added to the majors. traveling in and out of center city could be dicey because of the presidential road closures. coming up, we'll have all of those road closures. we'll take a look at weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a mild morning at the shore. that's a live view from the
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marquis de lafayette hotel. cape may, 51 degrees. not much colder in philadelphia. 45 degrees, coming up on 6:26 this morning. plus, preparing to protest. demonstrators plan to greet president trump when he arrives in philadelphia. more on how it could impact your morning commute.
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preparing for the president, the international spotlight will be on the president which donald trump meetings the british prime minister. and we're learning the life of a teen endured before she was murdered. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors.
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>> i'm tracy davidson. it's 6:30. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> it's temporarily dry, this is a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. cape may. showers, morris, river, dover, lewis, all seeing light rainfall. and to the north, wilmington and gloucester and camden county. and philadelphia, right on the edge. there might be a sprinkle or two to start with this morning. there's more rain on the way for later this morning. it's approaching harrisburg right now. but it won't be an all-day rainfall. 45 degrees with light showers at philadelphia international. the wind is also light at 3 miles an hour. and calm right now in the lehigh valley. 36 degrees. clouds, 36 right now, but that's already starting to warm up. by 9:00, 43 degrees with rain showers. by noon time, the rain is done. the clouds will start to thin
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out, 50 degrees at lunchtime and go even warmer this afternoon. that's true of every neighborhood for today. showers this morning, rain showers and then sunshine warming into the 50s for new jersey. even at the shore, 54 degrees. showers out of here during the afternoon. for the lehigh valley and delaware. we'll go through each of the forecasts hour by hour. first, francesca ruscio has the "first alert" traffic. >> thank you, bill. all morning long, we've been talking about the presidential road closures. i'm going to talk about them right now how you can get around them especially for pedestrian safety. 13th street will remain closed between chestnut and market. market street 11th and juniper. 12th between chestnut and arch street. and pedestrian traffic is allowed with the closures. 12th street to samson make a left on 16th street.
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here's another one over here. i talked about the one on market street between 11th and junl ip. pedestrians are allowed in some of those road closures but vehicle travel is not. you're going to have go to and all of that information is provided. >> thanks, francesca. in just a few hours from now, president donald trump will board air force one and go to philadelphia. >> it will be the president's first trip outside of washington since the inauguration. 11:25 this morning, landed at philadelphia international. at noon, attends the republican retreat at loews in center city. and then the president is back in washington at 2:10 this afternoon. british prime minister theresa may will also be there. her face-to-face with the tread will be the first he's had since becoming the president. the and the road closures could
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be a challenging morning. challenging commute for people in the city. nbc10's matt delucia is live in center city with more on what's ahead today. matt? >> reporter: it can certainly be a challenging morning, if you're used to this area. a lot of changes. we heard francesca talking about road closures. i'll step out of the way, 12th and market, in front of the loews hotel. the police are here. of course, the secret service is here as well. we've seen them going around with the dogs, checking out the area making sure there's nothing foul happening in this area. of course, this is all ahead of president trump's visit here. he will be here around noon, to give his speech to gop lawmakers. it's all part of the annual policy retreat to lay out what they want to achieve, the gop, of course. and now they're going to go about doing that. they're going to be talking about national security. also the affordable care act that the gop has said they want to repeal and replace that. we did talk to some of the
6:34 am
lawmakers who will be here and what they want to hear. >> that we can get some clear direction on what his priorities will be. and how he would like to see this carried out. >> we don't want to go forward with repealing until we make sure we have everything in place, because we don't want people to be left behind. and there shouldn't be a rush to do it just to say we did it. >> reporter: now, president trump should be landing in philadelphia around 11:30. and due to speak here at noon. of course, there's a full schedule of events today. of course, we will be having reports throughout the day. live in center city, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> obviously, if you live or work in center city, the president's visit or protests could disrupt your routine. >> that's right. thousands of protesters are expected to hit the streets of center city around 9:00 this morning. skyforce 10 was overhead last night as supporters and members of the lgbtq community had a dance party outside of the loews hotel where the republican retreat is being held.
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the nbc10 app has the full list of road closures and changes in mass transit to philadelphia box. president's visit. you can count on our "first alert" update throughout the morning. we've been monitoring president trump's social media messages overnight. nothing about philadelphia just yet. within the past 20 minutes mr. trump tweeted ungrateful traiter chelsea manning who never should have been released from prison is now calling president obama a weak leader. terrible. manning slammed president obama in an article she wrote in "the guardian" saying president obama left imperfect about accomplishments. just last week, president obama commuted manning's sentence. we're learning more about the indication of 14-year-old grace packer, the girl allegedly raped and killed by our adopted mother in berks county.
6:36 am
three children who lived with the same family said grace was abused sara packer. sara was always very tough on grace that she was, quote, more demanding to be normal despite having a learn difference. sara packer and her boyfriend jacob sullivan are in jail on charges of raping and murdering the 14-year-old girl. hunters found her body in the woods in lucerne county. let's head to delaware in the search for a hit and run driver who plowed through a convenience store. take a look at the pictures showing the damage. delaware state police tell us the driver of a maroon honda was trying to park outside of the 7-eleven in wilmington but never stopped. caused major damage. the driver put the car in reverse and took off. time to take you county by county to show you local stories
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we're following. in the lehigh valley, the school district will interview full-day wintkindergarten. it will save money by not having to do midday bus runs. new jersey is touting figures from its homeless. one of the spotsy volunteers took part in nj counts 2017. in washington and july, they pushed congress for increased funding for homes services. at the jersey shore, you can no longer release helium balloons into the air in atlantic city like some people do. the city is hoping to reduce trash and protect marine life that might eat the balloons. violators will face a $500 fine. an award names in beau biden's honor. the beau biden shield award will
6:38 am
be given to officers across the area who have made strides against hate. the first ceremony will be held on march 29th. 6:38. 45 degrees outside. relatively mild again this morning. >> it really is. we're really getting lucky. something tells me our luck is going to run out. meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate forecast in the region. >> i'm tracking showers. at philadelphia international they're reporting light rain. very light rain showers in the area. i'm tracking the showers, this afternoon, the showers are gone and gusty winds will blow it out of here and back to sunshine. and a mild day today, but a chilly evening. the wind will be blog and temperatures falling. back in the 30s by tomorrow morning. this morning, though, this is what we're deal with, light rain, philadelphia international, springfield, haverford. seeing light rain. to the south, jersey, delaware,
6:39 am
seeing light rain showers. vineland, millville reporting light rain. a few sprinkles that's to start with. the next batch of rain, deer lake in the northwest. few sprinkles northern lehigh county. and western berks county, sees a few rain drops right now. that line is going to swing through this morning. by lunchtime, we're drying out, and this afternoon, we're seeing a nice warmup. 45 degrees right now, a 3-mile-per-hour wind in philadelphia. the rain moves through, that wind picks up a 14-mile-per-hour wind at noon time goes to 20 miles an hour at 2:00. a few light rain showers for the suburbs. then sunshine and into the 50s. for lehigh valley, yes, rain moving in this morning, it will be mostly dry. scattered light showers. 8:00, 42 degrees. we're already seeing breaks of sunshine at 10:00. we'll look at that sunshine this afternoon. 47 degrees. the winds will be a bit stronger
6:40 am
this afternoon at 17 miles an hour. that's 2:00 this afternoon in the lehigh valley. starting off with clouds and a few light showers in new jersey, 42 degrees right now. the showers here this morning. by late morning, they're done. by noon time, we're starting to see breaks of sunshine. at the shore, this is where we see a little more rainfall move through. a quarter of an inch in cape may county but this afternoon, sunshine, so it's quickly drying out. and a light rain to start with this morning. by noon time, 52 degrees, and we'll see the winds picking up. weekend forecast and beyond. i'll show you when the cold coming back in ten minutes. 6:40 right now on this thursday. going to be a very good morning for anybody traveling in and around philadelphia. >> we have you covered as you're getting ready to get out the door. "first alert" reporter francesca ruscio is looking at the schuylkill. >> tracy and rosemary, we're looking at the majorless righs .
6:41 am
where you see the headlights, this is eastbound traffic for center city philadelphia, travel speeds has it already into the 40s. we're seeing more added volume on the majors and westbound where you see the taillights. again, travel speeds, they're doing okay. 40s and 50s. it's definitely going to get pretty messy. southbound, woodhaven to the vine. checking in on 95. 31 minutes. there was a disabled vehicle on the ramp from girard, it has cleared. those presidential road closures coming up in the next ten minutes. back to you, ladies. when a man collapsed during a race, a nurse came running to his aid. >> he never got the chance to thank her, so he turned to social media. the nationwide search that ended in our area. plus, a service swap that ended up costing him more. the company wouldn't let go. that story, all new, next.
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6:45 on this thursday. about 45 degrees outside of the nbc10 studios. radar shows light showers that we're tracking this morning. meteorologist bill henley tells us that they will move on out of here later today. we'll be back in minutes with the full neighborhood forecast. now to "nbc10 responds." a man says he cancelled a service to save money but the bill kept coming. and no matter what he did, the company wouldn't stop sending them. he reached out to harry hairston and "nbc10 responds." >> this is my new system. and it's very secure. >> reporter: he says he loved his new alarm system. it comes with all types of extras including security for his windows. >> if i close them, that tells me that the alarm is set.
6:46 am
>> reporter: jiles, a retired fedex driver says the best part is the cost. nearly half the $40 a month his old service safe home security charged. you saved money? >> yeah, somewhere. >> reporter: back in july 2016, he said he called safe home security and cancelled service. the next month, shs send jiles this letter acknowledges his request. >> i'm thinking it's over. it's done. >> reporter: but safe home continues to send him bill after bill. >> at the fourth bill, i'm $183 in debt. >> reporter: jiles called to explain for collection. >> i said i'm calling harry. >> reporter: how are you doing? >> i'm good, harry. >> reporter: that same day, the company called jiles and it tells us it worked to address our concerns appropriately. jiles said the company removed
6:47 am
the bill from collection. and he has a zero balance. >> thanks, harry, really. >> that was harry hairston reporting. and he has these tips, whenever you cancel a service do what jiles did, get the company to acknowledge your cancellation in writing. and then ask for a final bill showing what you owe, if anything. that way you have proof of the cancellation, the dayligte you cancelled and you that do not owe money. if you have a comment let us know, best way to reach us is on the screen. 6:47, a live look at philadelphia. with "first alert" meteorologist bill henley. >> it is dry right now but i'm tracking showers and warm temperatures. the showers will only be rain showers. look at the numbers in new jersey, washington township. all in the middle 40s. you have to go farther north to
6:48 am
princeton to find 30s. still above freezing. the rain moves through this afternoon. right now, it's light rain in philadelphia and wilmington into cape may. the steadier rain is right at the shore. you can see the darker returns off the radar. atlantic city into cape may. this is where we could see a quarter inch of rainfall or more. inland areas, just the light rain, not much than a tenth inch for most areas. another line of showers will swing through in the midmorning hour. then by this afternoon, we are drying up and warming up, too. here's your hour-by-hour forecast, 8:30 seeing light rain from allentown to wilmington to philadelphia. then steadier rain, moderate showers in cape may county. as philadelphia is drying out at 10:00 this morning, just some clouds that are starting to break in lehigh valley and berks county. the rain in south jersey is moving out to sea at noon time.
6:49 am
10:00, some rain along the coast, by noon time, that's offshore. look at the sunshine breaking through for philadelphia. and that sunshine is going to warm temperatures above yesterday's level. so we hit 54 degrees yesterday afternoon. but we will feel stronger winds. those winds gusting 25 to 30 miles an hour. we'll get steadier winds at 19 miles an hour. that's the wind that's going to start bringing in colder air tonight. get used to the mild weather. it's about to change. 56 degrees. showers clearing this afternoon, sunshine. sunshine tomorrow and a breezy day. 45 degrees a high after a morning low of 35. that's cold air, reinforcing in the area that we'll get to experience this weekend. 20s saturday and sunday morning. very low 40s in the afternoon. a little bit colder on monday. look at the chill that stays with us for tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday.
6:50 am
unusually colder next friday. and francesca ruscio on the roads. >> in lower merion, an accident where exactly? >> this accident, it's at belmont and city avenue. you see the police where the accident is located. earlier i did see traffic able to get by. it's just a little slow in that area. this zooming in, lower merion, belmont and city. traffic is still crawling by. it's not completely blocking out the entire road. now, we've been talking about presidential road closures. how can we get around it. let's take a look at this 13th street and market street. market between 11th and juniper. 12th will be closed between chestnut and arch street. the question is how can we bypass this mess for pedestrian safety, it's very important. to get around the 13th street
6:51 am
closure between chestnut and market. and another one in place for, 12th street to chestnut to bypass the market street closure between 11th and juniper. so, i marked it on this graphic over here. when i come back, we'll take a look at the rest of the majors and more on the presidential road closures. new this morning, a marathon runner is thankful for a nurse from christiristian that hospit saved his life. >> you may have seen it posted on facebook. >> i'd really like to get in touch with these people or this person. and really thank them and help them, you know, understand what they did and the impact it actually made for me. >> bill amirault from colorado had just finished the key west half marathon two weeks when he collapsed. amy smythe who was as running the race and she and other
6:52 am
people performed the life saving measures until the ambulance arrived. >> i'm just glad he made it. it was an overwhelming feeling when i saw the video. to be honest, i didn't think he was going to make it. >> the two were able to connect. they spoke on the phone earlier this week. smythe said he sounds better. amirault is expected to go back to colorado today. everybody who knows cpr to help out in a situation like this. next, we'll run down the headlines and the stories we're following. >> big head line, president trump's visit to philadelphia. what it could mean for your morning commute.
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five before 7:00. here's some stories we're following today, the big one president donald trump coming to philadelphia. >> expect protests and traffic in center city. here's a closer look at president trump's schedule. at 11:25, he lands at philadelphia international. at noon, he will attend a republican retreat at the loews hotel in center city. the president gets back on at air force one and he'll go to washington at 2:10 this afternoon. protesters are expected to hit the streets at 9:00 this morning. last night, supporters of the lgbtq community. road closures market street from city hall to 11th street are closed. as are parts of 12th and 13th street. and the septa lines 13th street station is closed. traveling along vine streets are detoured and the market street entrance at jefferson station is closed.
6:57 am
a new jersey family is safe, at 1:00 in oreland, three people in-w in the house. >> crews work to repair the sinkhole that opened early yesterday morning. a six-inch water main broke knocking out water service to dozens of homes. crews restored service but a boil water advisory remains in effect. a close ally, a former congressman chaka fattah must surrender. robert brand is sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison. fattah will be waking up in prison to spend his first full day behind bars. he will serve a ten-year term. good morning, everyone, i'm francesca ruscio. so, we're watching 95, major congestion on the southbound side where you see traveli ing
6:58 am
southbound from the woodhaven to the vine is going to take you 31 minutes. in and out of the city very busy with road closures. we have an accident to limit that germantown pike. no reported problems or delays within that area. let's take a look at the schuylkill expressway, we're starting to see heavy volume as well. working eastbound and westbound side, the travel from the vine going to take you 20 minutes, happy thursday. a minute and a half before 7:00. tracking some rain showers in the area and plenty of clouds, too. there are some breaks in the clouds but a mostly cloud? start this morning. real breaks come this afternoon. light rain falling from cape may. this is a view from the marquis de lafayette. we're seeing breaks than the rest of the area. very light showers. steady showers in cape may. reaching down to lewis and
6:59 am
delaware beaches. farther west, we could see light showers moving from salem, glouster into burlington county. we have seen light rain at philadelphia international. farther to the north, that's rain moving into the lehigh valley and reading but certainly not going to be an all-day rainfall. this morning, see the clouds over the lehigh valley. cloudy right now. rain showers this morning. showers are done by lunchtime. the clouds will be thinning out, we'll get sunshine this afternoon. suburbs, 45 right now. it is calm, showers move through this morning. they're done by noon time. and with sunshine this afternoon, the big warmup, even warmer than yesterday afternoon. despite of gusty winds 55 degrees for new jersey. 56 degrees in philadelphia. and 58 for delaware. so, enjoy it today because it's going to get colder at the end of the week, we're back to normal january temperatures. >> yeah. >> it's winter, right? >> yeah, last time i checked. don't forget, you can get my "first alert" forecast on
7:00 am
today's 101.1 more fm. >> have a great day. good morning. breaking overnight -- >> donald trump has got to go. hey, hey, ho, ho. >> abandon the wall, new yorkers for all. >> protests across the country, after president trump commands a mexican border wall be built immediately. mexico's leader vowing the country will not pay for it. who will foot the $14 billion bill? senior trump adviser kellyanne conway joins us live. wall street record. the dow opening the day at an all-time high, after soaring past 20,000 for the first time ever. are investors showing confidence in


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